Wesley Place

Wesley Place is a transformative commercial precinct and a new cultural landmark for Melbourne. Seamlessly merging business and lifestyle, the precinct comprises of our premium commercial tower, 130 Lonsdale Street, A-Grade commercial tower 150 Lonsdale Street, and A-Grade commercial tower, 155 Little Lonsdale Street.

Uniquely, history is all around you. Wesley Place is also home to some of Melbourne’s most important ecclesiastical buildings, including Wesley Church, one of the city’s finest and earliest examples of the Gothic Revival style along with our four historical buildings, namely the Manse, the School House, the Caretaker's Cottage and Nicholas Hall. 

Designed for unique corporate needs and cultures, each tower encompasses its own diverse features, the spaces are empowered by market-leading technology and connected by our immaculate public urban park, a place to discuss, imagine, create and enjoy.