People of Wesley Place - Nicole Ward

A Q&A series that celebrates the wonderful people working hard to bring the transformative Wesley Place precinct to life.


Meet Nicole Ward, our Regional Portfolio Manager at Charter Hall. We sat down with Nicole to talk about what keeps her motivated in the property industry, how partnerships have helped shaped the identity of Wesley Place and workplace trends she’s excited to see come to life at the precinct. Read on to find out more.

1.    Coffee or tea to fuel your mornings? 
Definitely coffee – and preferably before 9am. One good barista-made coffee to kickstart my day is all I need!

2.    You’ve been at Charter Hall for 15 years now. What keeps you motivated in the property industry?  
What our tenant customers and landlords expect from us is always changing, and always pushing us to do better. Tenant customers now expect a building that is a home away from home for their staff in order to retain the best talent and keep them inspired.

That’s motivated us to incorporate better food offerings, and places people can go to recharge. Property is also a people business - so meeting people, building relationships and enjoying working together is a bonus. The ever-changing landscape and increasing expectations keep our role, as developers and managers, challenging – which keeps me motivated.

3.    Partnerships have been integral to the development of Wesley Place. How has the partnership with Uniting Church Australia helped shape the identity of the precinct?
Charter Hall’s partnership with UCA was built on a mutual commitment to preserve and enhance the history of Wesley Place.   We’ve worked closely to ensure those who have been involved with the site and its buildings in the past, can continue to appreciate and enjoy its significance, while newcomers can gain an understanding of its history while enjoying the new legacy we’re creating.  This success, of our mutual drive to restore Wesley Place, is evident particularly when the time comes, and you are able to explore the incredible buildings and open spaces of Wesley Place.

4.    Charter Hall has considered future workplace trends and needs throughout the development of the Wesley Place precinct. What workplace trend are you most looking forward to seeing come to life at Wesley Place?
I’m really excited about our approach to ‘the workplace’ at Wesley Place.  We’ve integrated smart technology throughout the precinct in an effort to provide frictionless places to work inside the buildings and outdoors, including public WiFi, flexible seating and charging stations throughout the public space.  I can’t wait to see how people extend their ‘office’ to include sitting on the grass under the historic olive tree to read, work on a laptop or hold informal meetings with colleagues.  I’m also looking forward to seeing the 130 Lonsdale Street building lobby activated as a meeting place, full of banter and atmosphere, while also providing small pockets for quiet work and reflection in amongst a busy workday.

5.     There are some very exciting milestones coming up for Wesley Place. What’s next for the precinct?
The unveiling of the public open space for all to see will be very exciting. Being able to get up close to the rejuvenated heritage buildings, and wander around the open spaces will be very special.  I’m also looking forward to welcoming our first tenants to 130 Lonsdale Street and unveiling the lobby - a truly spectacular space for our tenants to enjoy and explore.