People of Wesley Place - Loren Mellowship

A Q&A series that celebrates the wonderful people working hard to bring the transformative Wesley Place precinct to life.


Meet Loren Mellowship, our General Manager at Charter Hall. We asked Loren to share her thoughts on Charter Hall’s approach to creating a world-class workplace, why she thinks facilitating wellness in the workplace is important and the exciting milestones coming up that she’s most looking forward to. Read on to find out more.

1.   Before we get into it, tell us why you chose a career in the property industry?
 I actually fell into property – I wasn’t 100 percent sure what I wanted to do for work, and I was given the opportunity to interview for a job at a real estate agency in Sydney. I thought I could start there while I “figured out” what I wanted to do long term. Little did I know, I fell in love with it and ended up staying at that company for nine years!

2.   A key focus for tenants is attracting top talent to their businesses and the workplace environment can be a strong drawcard. What has been the approach to create a world-class workplace at Wesley Place?
The ability to work how you want and where you want has been a big driver for the common spaces at Wesley Place.  From design and construction, through to how each space is managed ongoing, thought and care has gone into how each element enhances the working experience on a daily basis.

Our spaces are flexible, multi-purpose, and resonate with our tenant customers no matter their working style. ‘Third spaces’ provide staff the opportunity to step outside their office and work in different environments, whilst staying connected to the rest of their team. Whether they choose to work outdoors in the beautiful green space, or hide away in the business hub for some quiet time and a coffee, Wesley Place has world-class amenities that enhance our workplace environments.

3.   Why do you think facilitating wellness is important in commercial buildings and how will 130 Lonsdale Street create a healthy environment?

It seems people are spending more and more time at work, and therefore the workspace and surrounding environment need to take their staff’s mental and physical health seriously.  Tenant customers can do a lot for their staff, but the building itself also needs to ensure a healthy environment.

The WELL certification that we are targeting, along with wellness classes and regular healthy and inspirational content on Charter Hall’s building app, Charli, will all contribute to a healthier environment for our tenant customers.

4.   With 130 Lonsdale Street fast approaching project completion, what are you most looking forward to sharing with the community and tenants?

The surrounding public realm – it is going to be an amazing place to sit and work, to connect and also just enjoy the precinct. With Australia’s oldest olive tree and some great retail offerings, I can’t wait to see it being enjoyed by our tenant customers and the wider community.

5.   Last but not least, where will people find you working or relaxing at Wesley Place when it opens?

I’ll probably be in the business hub – it has a great outlook over the public realm and accommodates multiple working styles. This is great for people like me who want to be able to sit and work outside my office and enjoy the flexibility that Wesley Place brings. I’m really excited to see that space come to life.