Creating an urban oasis for the Melbourne CBD


These days, the city is a quieter than usual. But on any normal Autumn day, Melbourne would be buzzing with the sounds of businesses, tourists and residents going about their days.

That’s why, right here in the middle of the CBD, we’re creating a peaceful bubble of progress and innovation. 500 square metres of urban oasis, in the heart of the city.

With dappled shade, inviting lawns and tech-friendly amenity, Wesley Place tenants and people from the surrounding office towers will have a third space to plug in and get some thinking done. The Uniting Church congregation members and the wider community can also wander amongst the trees or sip on a coffee from one of the Wesley Place cafes. Visitors will be able to recharge, a step back from the bustle of the city.

So, what does it take to create an urban oasis?

Access to nature is important

Our public space will be home to one of only four green spaces in the CBD. Research shows that access to nature helps improve productivity, reduce stress and boosts our inspiration and happiness levels. So, to encourage our tenants to get outdoors, the public space will have free Wi-Fi and outdoor charging outlets for laptops, making it easy to clear your inbox (and your mind) among the trees.

Lunch and coffee, Melbourne style

The public space isn’t just a smart park. There will also be a range of food and beverage offerings on its fringe, serving up hot meals and infamous lattes to the Wesley Place tenants and passing community. And with solar-powered smart bins placed around the perimeter, everyone can play a part in keeping our little sanctuary safe and clean. 

We are looking forward to when the Melbourne community can nestle in the shade, laptop plugged in, takeaway lunch in hand. A true oasis for Victoria’s bustling capital.