Introducing Caretaker’s Cottage at Wesley Place

Get to know the owners of Caretaker’s Cottage and what to expect from the new pub


This February, we’re welcoming Caretaker’s Cottage to the Wesley Place precinct. Located behind Wesley Place Church, the new pub and wine bar will be your new local favourite, perfect for after work-drinks with your colleagues in our Urban Park.


Set inside its namesake heritage blue stone building, you can enjoy a beverage while being part of our site’s rich history.


Learn more about the exciting new addition below, as we chat with co-owner and operator, Matthew Stirling.


Tell us about what Caretaker’s Cottage will offer Melburnians and the Wesley Place community?


Caretaker’s Cottage will offer modern hospitality in a beautiful old cottage.


Wine, beer and mixed drinks are the core of our offer and we intend to deliver exceptional quality, led by seasonal availability and a showcase of our favourite producers.


Our food offer will be a range of high-quality small plates where everyone will find a favourite.


What inspired you to open Caretaker’s Cottage?


We loved the location. Being nestled in the epicentre of the city, in the throng of the theatre district and a stone’s throw away from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants made the decision easy.


We are thrilled to be joining a community of residents and workers in our immediate surrounds and contributing something new and exciting to Wesley Place.


What will the menu look like and are there any stand-out items to look forward to?


Beer, wine and mixed drinks will enjoy short stays on the menu as we look to show new products and ideas constantly.


Keeping the offering dynamic is essential to us; staying sharp enough to keep our creative output flowing and presenting you with new things to discover from our producers each month.


Describe what the pub looks like?


In keeping with all of the beautiful heritage aspects, we wanted to design something that could breathe new life into an old building. All materials are Australian and everything from the seats to the speakers have been made by hand to suit the location and pay homage to its past.


When are you hoping to open and what are you looking forward to most?


Opening day will be in late February and we are brimming with the anticipation of introducing ourselves, our drinks, our food and our music to all of our soon-to-be new friends.


How can people stay up-to date with the restaurant and learn more?


Our bar is best followed on Instagram at @caretakers.cottage or get in touch via email at


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