Introducing Axionome by Stanislava Pinchuk

Learn the story behind the new artwork on 150 Lonsdale Street’s East Façade, Axionome


Introducing Axionome by Stanislava Pinchuk


It’s important to look up when wandering the city otherwise you may miss out on some mesmerising art installations and cityscapes. 


This is particularly true when visiting Wesley Place. 150 Lonsdale Street’s East Façade is now home to one of Victoria’s largest art pieces – Axionome. Paying respect to former tenants of the building, the Bureau of Meteorology, this unique art piece has a compelling history and story to tell.

Read on to learn more about the new addition to our precinct.


The artist behind Axionome


The artist behind the interactive mural Axionome is Stanislava Pinchuk. Born in Ukraine, her art revolves around data-mapping topographical, geographical and social conditions – combining art and science


Her latest project at 150 Lonsdale is a graphic artwork which reflects the variations in historical and current temperature data in Australia. This is  conveyed through a facade that morphs from day to night, playing upon current conversations around climate change and global warming.


The artwork is a data thermometer conveying how each year is likely pushing us further away from climate equilibrium.


Paying homage to Wesley Place’s history


Paying homage to its previous tenant, the robust data is drawn from the Bureau of Meteorology’s database, another nod to the building’s rich history in Melbourne’s ever-changing CBD. 


Discover art at Wesley Place


Axionome is the latest addition to the growing collection of art and installations here at Wesley Place. We use art to transform the historical context of the precinct into a range of media experiences, murals, sculptures and video art to enhance the connection to community.