Wesley Place has a rich and layered history, an overview of which can be found on this part of the website. The various public art commissions take the historical context of the site and translate it into a range of media experiences, including murals, sculptures and video art.

Two themes underpin the public art commissions at Wesley Place; these are the intersection of Protestantism and Modernism and Reconciliation. The former addresses the way in which the Protestant belief in freedom of inquiry and the need for government to limit the possibility of religious tyranny indirectly built some of the institutions of liberal, capitalist democracy we live in today. The latter uses art to extend the UCA and Charter Hall’s commitment to Indigenous storytelling as a primary narrative of Australia.

One measure of the profound impact the global spread of capitalism and colonisation has had on the earth is the climate change crisis. This issue is addressed on the giant 150 Lonsdale St façade with an interactive mural by Stanislava Pinchuk that correlates daily temperature to historical precedent. The artwork is a data thermometer conveying how each year is likely pushing us further away from climate equilibrium.

The public art at Wesley Place was commissioned by Charter Hall, in consultation with the UCA.

Text written by Lou Weis, Creative Director of Broached Commissions.

Wesley Place Art